Tree Removal

Tree extraction (removal) can be a very dangerous procedure and requires above average understanding of the physics involved with weight, biology, and equipment tolerances. There are many different methods of tree removal. Felling an entire tree is rarely accepted as a professional means to extract a tree. In suburban areas where expensive landscaping is often present, tree removal should be handled by a professional to avoid damaging the surrounding areas.

The most common method of extraction is to climb the tree and lower the tree limbs by rope and section down small pieces of wood. In many cases, it is necessary to lower or “block” the trunk of the tree to the ground as well. This process insures that surrounding vegetation and structures remain intact and undamaged through the extraction process.

Another method of tree extraction, though not uncommon, is to use a crane to section down a tree. Often this method is used on extra-large size trees to ensure a controlled removal. Cranes are also used in a hazardous or dead trees that cannot handle the stress of movement in the tree.

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