Protect Your Trees & Property Value

Trees are a beautiful asset to any piece of land. In addition to being a lovely reminder of the miracle of nature, trees can also increase your property value. Help care for your trees with the following tips.

As always, if you have any questions about your trees, or if you think you might have a tree problem, give the professionals at RPM Tree Service a call or email!

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Protect Your Roots with Mulch

Mulch is a mix of loosely packed organic material such as shredded leaves, pine straw, peat moss or composted wood chips. To protect your trees root system, spread mulch around its base, covering the entire root system (this could be as far as 2-3 times the diameter of the branch spread of the tree.). The mulch should be around 2-4 inches deep. Mulch provides a cool and moisture-laden environment for roots to grow, which makes the root system healthier and more stable. Call RPM Tree Service today with any questions you have regarding mulch and its application.




Inspect Your Trees Regularly

You would be surprised how well you can diagnose a tree problem by simply walking around your property and visually inspecting your trees. As you’re looking, be sure to pay special attention to four important areas: new leaves and buds, leaf size, twig growth and lack of crown dieback (the natural, gradual death of the very top of the tree.)

  • If you don’t see regular growth of new leaves and/or buds, then it’s a good indication that there may be health issues with your tree.
  • To confirm, compare the trees current leaf/bud growth with growth from previous years. An overall reduction spells problems!
  • If your tree does not show any signs of natural crown dieback, it may also be a sign of a problem. Lack of crown dieback usually indicates that your tree has been suffering from health issues for at least a few years.
  • If you spot anything unusual during your inspection, including unusual insect activity, loose bark, deformed growth or spotted, discolored or dead leaves, call RPM Tree Service for a free inspection and consultation!


Fertilizing Your Trees

Trees, like all plant life, need food. Trees, however, require certain essential nutrients in order to grow and thrive. Fertilizing a tree offers many health benefits to the tree and can also provide enhanced tree growth.

Finding the proper fertilizer for your tree can be confusing. Depending on the chemical composition of your soil, your trees may need additional essential nutrients to ensure good health. Call RPM Tree Service today for a free inspection and consultation of your trees and to discuss fertilization choices and options.




Pruning Limbs & Branches

Pruning, which is the act of routinely removing the dead, weak, diseased or insect-infested tree branches, is essential for a tree’s health and growth. Pruning also ensures safety, as it removes potentially hazardous limbs and branches that could be torn away by storms or high winds.

Pruning, however, can also cause damage to a tree if not done properly. Call RPM Tree Service today for a free inspection of your trees. We have the special equipment necessary to prune your trees quickly and safely.


Some Tree Myths

Here are some of the myths to question: Pine trees are unsafe and have shallow root systems. Pine trees do not have a tap root. My tree is top heavy.

These statements are generally not true and may lead people to make decisions based on false information. Also, misdiagnosis of insect infestation or diseases can influence property owners to make a decision that can reduce property value or be an unnecessary expense.

Unfortunately, many homeowners are victims of scare tactics from sales people with lack of knowledge or a selfish agenda. Solution: We are on standby to at least give you unbiased information that will help you get on the right track as you gather information, so you can make the best decision for yourself.